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A school in a tent

Past, present and future horizons (two sessions)

What do refugee children’s drawings and testimonies transmit us? How would we feel under the same circumstances?

We separate the class in three groups, and we suggest the review the testimonies and drawings made in a camp of refugee and displaced people in Liberia (card 2.1).

The drawings are distributed in three blocks: past, present and future. Each of the groups will analyse one block. It would be interesting to ask them what they see in the drawings, and what they think it means. We write down what catches our attention, and elaborate a text where we explain what the drawings have transmitted us about the life and feelings of these people.
Suggestion: We also have the text available in French and Spanish to work with it in those languages.

Material A school in a tent
Source Didactical Proposal: A school in a tent
Themes Refugees
Social exclusion
Conflicts and Peace
Fields Social and civic competence
Linguistic competence
Cultural and artistic competence
Subjects Social Sciences
Art education
Plastic and visual education
Cycle Secondary school 1º cycle
Age 12 - 16 years
Duration Two sessions (50 minutes each)
Needed materials

2.1 card (Taken from “Sketching the future”:

Files 2.1 card (pdf, 3.1 MB)
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