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Move your centre

Move your centre is an invitation to education centres and free-time groups to get to know better our work in the South. For that, we share here pedagogic proposals (under the format of the Sensitization Campaign) to help achieve several goals:

  • To sensitize the education community (teachers, students, families, and service personnel) about situations of injustice in the world we live in.
  • To develop the sense of responsibility that we, as citizens, must have when facing injustice.
  • To promote the adoption of an active commitment, understanding that, all together, we can do something to change this kind of situations.


Lo que tu movil

Conflict Free Technology

“Conflict-free Technology” is a campaign lauched by the Spanish NGO, ALBOAN, to draw attention to the connection between mobile phones, tablests and computers and the war in the eastern Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC).
Our aims is to generate so much pressure from the public that their representatives in the European Parliament will feel obliged to support more effective regulation and companies likewise feel compelled to take responsibility for their supply chains.
The campaign looks at the “extraction-manufacturing-marketing-recycling” cycle for electronic devices. This is a critical reflection on our own life style, consumption patterns and model of development and their links with mining and the people who both depend on and are harmed by mining. In so doing we raise fundamental questions about the human and environmental sustainability of our current international economic system.


51 recipes for teachers. How to cook with a volunteer group at my school

The recipes and proposals presented herein, you will be able to create your own training and actions programming, adapted to the group that you accompany. You will also be able to choose the evaluation that fis in better with your context and group. And, fially, you will have the opportunity to learn about the successes and good practices experienced by other teachers, who, like you, engage in accompanying young girls and boys in processes involving the transformation of reality from their schools.


A school in a tent

This is an educational proposal that aims for:



Comercio Justo

ALBOAN apoya la comercialización de productos de Comercio Justo, lleva a cabo actividades de sensibilización sobre el Comercio Justo y el consumo responsable y ofrece alternativas de participación en este ámbito a personas voluntarias. En este sentido, participamos junto a Caritas y a Misiones Diocesanas de Bizkaia en el proyecto Kidenda que cuenta con dos tiendas de Comercio Justo en Bilbao y puntos de venta en las sedes de ALBOAN de Pamplona, Donostia y Gasteiz.

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