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Stand by: Syrian refugee families in nobody’s land

This exhibition provides us with an insight into the everyday lives of refugee families through the shots taken by Iván Benítez. Since the war started, Lebanon, which has a population of 6 million inhabitants, took in a million and a half Syrian refugees. It is comparatively the country to take in the largest number of people in the world. The financial aid from international agencies has recently been suspended in Lebanon and the NGOs in Greece began reducing their presence and help a while ago now, which has meant that the situation of these families only gets worse. While the families wait for a safe destination where they can rebuild their lives, the Jesuit Refugee Service is working in Lebanon and Greece, offering legal advice, psychological and social support and aids various schools where the children can continue studying and recover part of their childhood.

Tlc medioambiente

Tecnología Libre de Conflicto y Medioambiente: guía didáctica

Propuesta de trabajo que se enmarca dentro de la campaña Tecnología Libre de Conflicto y que incluye propuestas de trabajo para que los y las jóvenes se hagan conscientes de la realidad que existe tras la imagen publicitaria de los dispositivos electrónicos que utiliza.

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