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Munduko Hiritarrok. Interculturalism. Compulsory Secondary School Education. How to use these materials


The materials presented can be applied in two different ways. The first way is to carry out one-off activities, applying what the teaching
staff finds the most interesting or relevant for the development of the subject. All the activities have been designed to be applied in
that way, although in some cases they will need slight adaptations or modifications, with in some cases a previous activity will have
to be read to understand the context.

The second way of applying the activities is in project form. This is the methodological progress which has been achieved in these materials. Each block of activities for the different stages has been designed as a project of approximately one-week duration with an end product defined from the beginning. In order to facilitate the implementation of the project, each one of the blocks of the educational stages contains an initial summary sheet of the overall project where the objective is explained, the end product to be achieved and some recommendations for application.


Didactical proposal

How to use these materials

How to use these materials (pdf, 643.5 KB)
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