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Researching the discourse used by the media

By groups, we will search information on social networks and websites about immigrants, alsom we will analyse the influence of cultures and the religious event. In addition to this, we will search and critically analyze a current news related to the subject, to finalize with a pooling.

Go out into the street

By groups, we will search information about the work carried out by some close association in the area worked in activity 1 or other ones related to cultural diversity. With the collected information we will write a script for an interview with a person from the association, then call them to arrange an interview to learn more about the association, the work it does and the issues it has to deal with. You can see an example of a script interview in Appendix I.

How institutions work

The activity focuses on understanding how a real democratic state works to acquire a basic knowledge of politics, society and democratic culture as well as the regulatory framework of today´s democracy. To do this, we will search information by teams and then, we will create an interview environment between the groups through questions about the information collected.

Learning to debate

The activity proposed focused on the realization of a debate, exhibition and search for agreements on the topics analyzed in each of the three thematic blocks exposed in activity 1: immigrants, the influence of cultures and religious fact.

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